History of Hampsons

“Family run small butchers who operate in the old way of good product at a fair price. On the same street as Antonini’s restraunt in foundry square Hayle.”

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History of Hampsons

The shop doors opened 16th August 1966 as a butcher and poulterer selling local lamb,pork,beef and poultry.The Hampson family working hard to get established and respect from new customers selling quality meat butchered to a high standard.

Butchery Expansion

The premises expanded in the early seventies to create more preparation space and refrigeration to cope with customer needs freezer packs and deliveries being the “in thing”

Pasties and Pies

The eighties bought a changing face of butchery and a need to adapt and diversify saw us starting a line in making our own pies,steak & kidney along with chicken & veg – an immediate success!shortly after a customer asked us if we would make him a pasty always obliging we did,he ordered again the following week 2 this time and he told some friends only on Thursdays this was,skillfilly butchered cornish beef and grown veg prepared specially, salt/peper and a lump of butter in a shortcrust pastry crimped to the side.Orders came fast and furious – word and mouth the best advert!

Pasties were soon made every day – small/medium/large beef,or steak,veg or cheese & veg,chicken,pork to name a few along side the pies a compliment to Hampsons butchery.

Food To Go

The mid nineties saw Hampsons open another outlet in Copperhouse selling pasties,pies and food to go.

Hampsons Today

A visit to our main shop in Chapel Terrace you will find a well stocked meat cabinet,a cabinet with pies and confectionary & deli to tempt you and you can view the pasties being filled,crimped and baked.

Orders taken daily Mon – Sat, please call for your requirements