Special requests

“And then there’s the butchery, traditional meats, with personal service. The staff are always happy to advise, and do special things on request. Brilliant!!!”

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Special Requests

Day To Day Orders

Orders taken on a daily basis for pasties, pies and butchery, prepared to your requirements (unlike supermarkets)!

Christmas Turkeys and Birds

Christmas time brings the family together sharing that special Christmas dinner. All our turkeys are sourced from mid Cornwall white feathered or bronze free range for a slightly gamier flavour, local chickens, geese and ducks. Please order in good time so we can try and get a good weight match!

Game Birds

Game birds available include pigeons, guinea fowl, pheasants, but they may be sourced out of county. Venison also available on the bone or boneless butchered to your requirements.


Gammons cured in North Cornwall and traditionally oak smoked are a must for a dinner party/buffet order early!!!!

Freezer Orders

Freezer orders made up to your requirements please ring for advice and quotes, includes pasties for home baking!

Hampsons traditional Cornish Pasties ready for baking